About Electrics

Electric Guitars

Style of music: Suited for Country, Rock, Classical, Jazz, and even more versatile than the acoustic

Budget: $100-$300 For entry level guitar, optional $60-$150 for the amplifier

One of the major benefits of the electric guitar is the ease of pressing the strings to the frets. This can be great for beginners or those who need to build up hand strength, but this can be a hindrance because it makes transferring your skills to the acoustic guitar more difficult. Another drawback of the electric guitar is the need to purchase an amplifier and a cord. You can play the guitar without amplification, but the sound is very quiet. All that said, playing your electric guitar through an amp can be a fun way to learn to play. There are endless options of sounds that can be created through the electric guitar using different kinds of petals and amps. While the electric is primarily associated with rock music, it is versatile and can be adequate for many other styles of music. While this category of guitar is a little more of an investment, playing the electric guitar is a blast and an excellent way to start your guitar playing journey.
A starter electric guitar can be purchase from $100 to $300. There is an incredible amount of options out there depending on the style of music you want to play and your personal style preferences. Whether you are wanting something classic like a Fender Stratocaster, or something wilder like a Jackson Minion there are affordable options out there for every style.
Electric guitar buyers need to be aware of the added cost of the amplifier. A basic starter amp will cost at least $60. The more you invest in this area the better sound quality and the more features will be included with your amp. There will soon be a list here of the top amplifiers for beginners.