About Classical / Nylon

Classical / Nylon Guitars

Style of music: Suited for Classical or Spanish genres

Budget: $110-$300 For entry level guitar

This category of guitar is specifically designed for the Classical and Spanish styles of music. The main differences from the traditional acoustic guitar are the use of nylon rather than steel on the bottom three strings, and a wider fret board. The use of nylon produces a unique sound and is also easier on the hands in fretting, finger-picking, and strumming. Guitar picks are not recommended on the classical guitar, but rather using the fingers to pluck the strings or using your hand to strum the instrument. The nylon strings do make it easier for beginners who need to build up hand and finger strength, but this could potentially be a drawback if you are trying to transfer your skills to the traditional acoustic guitar.

There are many great entry-level options in the classical / nylon string category for under $300. If you enjoy classical music and are really wanting to specify in this genre then the nylon string guitar is right for you. If you may want to venture into other styles, the traditional acoustic can produce nearly the same sound, and offer much more versatility. As always, stick to purchasing brands that will stand behind their products and know that you get what you pay for in terms of quality and sound.

Hope this helps you to decide if the classical guitar is right for you.