About Acoustics

Acoustic Guitars

Style of music: Suited for Country, Rock, Classical, Jazz, and nearly every other style of music

Budget: $120-$300 For entry level

One of the best features of an acoustic guitar is the ability to play anywhere without the need for amplification. Acoustic guitars use their large body to resonate the sound coming from the strings resulting in a full and beautiful sound. These guitars are often a bit more difficult to play for a beginner due to the difficulty of pressing the strings on the fretboard. While this can be a difficulty at first, learning to play on an acoustic gives you the most versatility as a player because if you can plan an acoustic, you can play on any guitar. Acoustic guitars also give you the most versatility in terms of the styles of music they are suited for. Acoustics are great for country, classical, rock, folk, blues, and just about any other style of music you are wanting to play. Buying an acoustic as your first guitar is an excellent decision. There are many quality and affordable acoustic guitars on the market that will give you a wonderful introduction into the world of guitar playing.

To purchase a decent beginner acoustic, you will need to pay at least $120. This amount of money will buy you a decent starter, and a very nice starter guitar can be purchased for less than $300. You should always try to purchase from a reputable brand that will back up their products. Most of the major differences in the varying price points relate to the quality of materials and workmanship that are put into the guitar. For a beginner you want quality without having to make a significant investment. Reviews of the best guitars we recommend for beginners can be foundĀ Here. Thank you for reading and hope this article helps you find the right guitar for you.