About Acoustic Electric

Acoustic Electric Guitars

Style of music: Suited for Country, Rock, Classical, Jazz, and even more versatile than the acoustic

Budget: $100-$300 For entry level guitar, optional $60-$150 for the amplifier

The acoustic electric genre of guitars offers the beautiful sound of an acoustic with the added benefit of being able to plug in easily to an amplifier. The addition of the electrical in the guitar can potentially take away from the sound and voice of the guitar, but to most people the difference is unrecognizable. The guitar itself plays exactly like an acoustic would. The strings are a little harder to press to the frets than the electric guitar, but this can make you better as a guitarist as it gives you the ability to play any guitar. This is definitely the most versatile option when it comes to guitar categories. The acoustic electric guitar can be used to play any genre of music.

Most acoustic electrics are comparable in price to acoustic guitars while offering greater versatility. An entry-level guitar in this category can be purchased for under $300. This category is great because if you want to spend the money on an amp and sound effects you can, but it is not required. The guitar can be played clearly and audibly just like the standard acoustic guitar.

Hope article helps you decide if the acoustic electric is right for you.